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June 12-16 is a big week here at BGV! Mark your calendars! It's the Summer Block Parrrrrrty and Vacation Bible School week!

But to plan for these we are asking for help. If you have any of these items that you would like to donate, please call or text Kathleen at 803-546-3285 or shoot us a PM on Facebook! Thank you for all your generosity!

Misc. Supplies:

Pool Noodles

Toilet Paper Tubes

Craft decorations (stickers, paints, etc)

Elmer's Glue

Colored Straws (without a bend)

Paper bowls (for ice cream!)

Paper/Plastic Plates

Plastic Forks


Water Balloons

Package of regular balloons


Ice Cream Toppings

Trash bags

Food Items:

Graham Crackers

Cheese Whiz

Dixie Cups

Clear Plastic Party Cups (punch size)

Goldfish Crackers

Ruffle Potato Chips

Sword Toothpicks

Blue Jello Mix

Gummy Fish

Countrytime-type Drink Mixes

Hamburger Buns

BBQ Sauce


Bottled Water

Community Life at BGV / 803-546-3285 / kathleen@communitylifeteams.org / 4650 Nikki Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237 

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