We’re delighted that you want to learn more about our Community Garden! Here’s some of the rules that you must agree to in order to participate in our Community Garden: 


General Rules: 

YOU PLANT, YOU PICK! (You are allowed to trade with other gardeners upon their agreement, but the Garden is not open to anyone who wants to pick.)


There is a deposit of $5 to hold your spot. All of this will be refunded when the garden plot is cleaned up at the end of the season. Money is due when you register.


The assigned garden plots are given in a first-come-first-served basis.

You are responsible for the maintenance of your own plot. 

You can totally use the designated compost bin! In fact, we encourage it! The compost bin should only be used for compost, horse manure and wood chips. No trash please. 

Please, NO PETS - We love Dogs, but they have this uncanny knack for stepping right on sprouts! So please keep them on the periphery of the garden and not in the beds themselves. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact Kathleen Tennant, 803-546-3285. 

What if I get too much?

If you do not feel you can use all of you harvest, there are many in our own neighborhood who could use extra vegetables. Furthermore, you’re welcome to donate any extra to future Community Life events! Please let Kathleen Tennant, 803-546-3285, know if you have more than you can use.

Community Garden

Community Life at BGV / 803-546-3285 / kathleen@communitylifeteams.org / 4650 Nikki Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237 

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