Well, hi! That's Joe on the left, Kiel on the right, and I'm in the center, and together we live and volunteer at Beech Grove Village Apartments where we try to share our lives, our love for Jesus and our love for this community with our neighbors. We believe that the best communities are the ones where people love their neighbors as themselves, where people can live, grow and serve to make this community the best place to live for everyone; and we work to welcome new neighbors to the comunity, host fun events where people can meet our neighbors and have some fun, and just be that ultimate neighbor. So when you see us out, say hi--we would love to meet you! 

 - Kathleen

But it's not JUST us!

If you live in our neighborhood: 

Join us in making this neighborhood one in which people can flourish and grow. From starting a group, to serving, to sharing your talents, we'd love to hear your ideas for how this community could improve. Contact us or connect with us on Instagram or Facebook.


If you're an organization in the community:

We love to partner with other like-minded organizations! Start the conversation by reaching out!

If you're a church, organization, or prayer warrior that would love to support us in prayer: 
Thank you. We know that we only serve in the strength that the Lord provides, so please keep us in your prayers. If you would like specific ways that you can pray each month, sign up for our newsletter! We won't spam you--that wouldn't been very neighborly! 

Community Life at BGV / 803-546-3285 / kathleen@communitylifeteams.org / 4650 Nikki Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237 

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